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  1. David R. Quinn says:

    I have finished your book and have come to the conclusion that significant change on this planet will only occur when the forces of change are a collaborative, inclusive, grass root/bottom up entity. These Women, their struggles and their strength as individuals but more so collectively is astounding. The “Northern” half with “Western” concepts pale in comparison to what Las Companeras have and continue to accomplish.
    Not trying to compare and contrast, the book that I read prior to yours was David Halberstam’s, ” The Best and the Brightest”. If a line was drawn in the soil and I was given the choice with the condition that i could never return, I would choose heading south. Why? Power is based on lies and deception. Strength’s foundation can found in justice, compassion and truth.
    I’m grateful to have read you work and have profound respect for your efforts.
    Sincerely, David R. Quinn


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