Media and Reviews

Articles and Reviews

“Review: Hilary Klein’s Compañeras: Zapatista Women’s Stories,” NACLA (7/30/2015)                                                                                                          

“Beauty is Dignity,” Bella Mia, p. 38 – 40 (June 2015)                            

“An ‘Other’ Feminism,” Other Worlds (5/27/2015) 

“Zapatista Women Explain Things,” Upside Down World (4/20/2015)

Author Q & A’s with Hilary Klein

Salon, Question & Answer by Sarah Shourd (4/16/2015)            

Bitch Magazine, Question & Answer by Victoria Law (3/13/2015)

Radio and Television Interviews with Hilary Klein

Women’s Magazine on KPFA, interview by Kate Raphael (4/20/2015)

Uprising with Sonali on Pacifica (4/10/2015)                            

Indymedia on Air on KPFK, interview by Chris Burnett (4/6/2015)

Interview by Ernesto Aguilar, aired on KPFT and WBAI’s Morning Show (3/27/2015 and 3/30/2015)                                                                                          

ARISE! on WPFW, interview by Bill Fletcher (3/20/2015)      

A Public Affair on WORT, interview by Karma R. Chávez (3/18/2015)

HispanTV, interview by Alfredo Mirando (3/9/2015) *en español*

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